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Microsoft Dynamics 365
Industry Solutions

Dynamics 365 applications are made to work together and with your existing systems for a comprehensive solution that connects your entire business

Microsoft Gold Partner

Microsoft Dynamics 365
Industry Solutions

Dynamics 365 applications are made to work together and with your existing systems for a comprehensive solution that connects your entire business

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Dynamics 365 Industry Solutions

Discrete Manufacturing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution for Discrete Manufacturing provided by ECONIX has enrich capabilities for managing discrete manufacturing processes, like shop floor control, MRP, order-based cost accounting and supply chain management. Dynamics 365 for manufacturing helps manufacturers to break down silos and connect their systems and data together.

Process Manufacturing

Strengthen your process manufacturing business by connecting systems and data, allowing you to anticipate change, minimize disruptions, and reduce time to market – all while building better customer relationships using real-time insights. Dynamics 365 for process manufacturing provides end-to-end capabilities for production and distribution, advance master planning by supporting batch or semi-continuous production environments.

Trade & Distribution

Trading and Distribution is a highly competitive industry after Global pandemic COVID-19 and requires robust solution to compete with others. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for trade and distribution includes advance functionalities to accelerate your sales processes, procurement, inventory management, customer relationship management while optimizing your supply chain to meet the demand


Digital transform your retail or e-commerce business by implementing Microsoft dynamics 365. Dynamics 365 for retail is an Omni-channel solution with centralized functionality to manage your brick-and-mortar stores, webstores, point of sale, multi-level promotions, coupons, gifts, loyalty Management, and merchandising management. ECONIX retail solution enable your ERP to easily integrate with e-commerce platforms like Shopify, mobile app, and call center management.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for restaurant is powered by Business Central and LS Central for restaurant. Enable your restaurant and franchise chain to manage inventory, service, data, staff, point of sale, takeout, online order management out of single platform solution. ECONIX restaurant solution automates customer tablet orders, kitchen order tickets (KOT), promotions, tips, dinning menus, etc. with advance reporting and customer feedback management.


ECONIX Digital transform the Contracting solution by implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with E ConCentral. Enrich and advance functionality with collaborative view of contract processes like contract creation, agreements, progress tracking, contract monitoring, approvals, work orders, and quality management. Support fixed fee and time and material contracts with progressive billing and retention.


All-in-one construction management solution powered via Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps you to finish construction projects with safety, quality, on time and within budget. Manage and monitor construction project daily report, workflow, resource assignment, procurement, and equipment management and much more functionality and control the systems efficiently using Microsoft dynamics 365 ERP and CRM Solutions. ECONIX update and implement functionality according to small and large construction organization.


ECONIX is implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for service solutions that involve supporting businesses through advice or performing tertiary roles. Industries such as finance, consulting, advisory, legal, maintenance provides various services to their customer. Manage industry needs like service agreements, service orders, resource allocations, inventory movement, general ledger, budgeting, project planning & estimations, and timesheets using Dynamics 365 service solutions.


Businesses can now manage finance operations efficiently and efficiently by using Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP. ECONIX upgrade finance solution and CFO workspace to monitor real-time performance, forecast future results and make data-driven decisions to boost an organization’s growth. Dynamics 365 for Financials allows viewing financial KPIs, charts, and metrics in a single window.

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