Econix InfoTech

Econix Infotech is a well-known and expert provider of system integration solutions and managed services for companies that operate in the public sector. Thanks to our solutions and services, companies can get on with smarter operations and deliver guaranteed results.

Given that then internet economy is fast-changing, it has become possible for customers to access different services and information in a hassle-free and easier way than before. Also, with the introduction of newer technologies, there has been constant pressure on the public sector to remain in sync with those changes. After all, the public expects better services, more transparency, and proactive accountability from the government. Given these requirements, government bodies are now increasingly focusing on improving productivity and meeting citizen’s demands through a variety of initiatives.

Econix Infotech has been highly successful in providing mission-critical solutions to several local government and state system bodies. Thanks to this initiative, we have contributed successfully to transforming these bodies into e-Governance organizations. Our various IT solutions have helped public sector bodies to use eBusiness technologies to good effect by equipping them with information whenever and wherever they need as well as providing improved quality of life to the general public.

In choosing Econix’s services and solutions, this is how public sector bodies can benefit:

• Improved accessibility so a variety of services are available whenever required
• Assured high security for protecting confidential information at all times
• Increased productivity by using technology strategically
• Improved transparency by integrating newer technologies
• Usage of various reporting programs for increased accountability