Proven implementation methodology from Econix InfoTech ensures your solution is done right the first time and helps you achieve maximum value and meeting the defined approved project objectives.

Organization’s overall size, diversity, and geographical operations helps in defining the project implementation approach. The software service implementation may start with global process definition and design followed by focus on the pilot implementation. Based on best practices as well as our rich experience in previous engagements, the implementation process configures the enterprise processes of the organization, thus assisting the organization in designing the rollout strategy for subsequent sites. Implementation Services from Econix InfoTech includes, but not limited to:

  • Pre-Implementation Analysis
  • Global Design and Implementation
  • Re-Implementations, Consolidations
  • Global Roll-outs

Irrespective of the industry, Econix is committed to deliver scalable, cost-effective and superior Enterprise solutions in line with defined project objectives by using Agile or Waterfall or combination of both implementation methodologies.

  • Phased approach to implementation
  • Each phase has clear tasks, responsibilities, deliverables and milestones
  • The end of each phase acts as a tollgate to review progress
  • Resource time commitment set by phase


• Continuous cycles
• Small, high-functioning, collaborative teams
• Flexible/continuous evolution
• Customer involvement


• Sequential/linear stages
• Upfront planning and in-depth documentation
• Best for simple, unchanging projects
• Close project manager involvement