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In today’s digital age, all types of business documents for industries such as retail, distribution, automotive, high tech, logistics, and banking can be exchanged using EDI. These documents can flow from the sender’s computer straight through to the appropriate application on the receiver’s computer (e.g., the order management system or ERP like Microsoft Dynamics Finance and Operations (AX), Microsoft Business Central (NAV), SAP, Oracle, etc.), processing can begin immediately.

Econix InfoTech experts’ team will integrates EDI with your business systems to streamlines transaction processing, increases profitability and competitiveness, and improves customer trading relationships and will make complex EDI implementation to simple and cost-effective with a complete integrated EDI solution.

Streamline order and billing processes

Don’t just settle for EDI integration with your EDI Trading Partners. Your entire system – ERP, Warehousing, Business and Accounting applications should be seamlessly integrated to improve visibility into critical business information, streamline processes, increase data accuracy and efficiency and thus enable better decision making and responsiveness, reduces labor costs and errors, and improves customer service.

EDI Mapping

EDI mapping and maintaining multiple trading partner EDI documents is vital for successful implementation of EDI at your organization. Experts at Econix InfoTech will do the mapping for you. EDI purchase orders from your customers are mapped to your system specifications and securely delivered for direct integration. Order confirmation, ship notice, and invoice data mapping to your EDI specifications from your customer. Data can be mapped to and from any system TXT, XML, CSV, etc. or in any EDI formats like ANSI X12, EDIFACT.

EDI Integration

We perform seamless EDI software integrations of systems with internal ERP like Microsoft Dynamics (AX, Finance and Operations, Business Central, NAV), SAP, Oracle and back-office platforms. The goal is to consolidate data from disparate systems, and automatically generate output files ready for translation to EDI.


ANSI X12 is a format of EDI developed for the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

CSV stands for Comma-Separated Values commonly associated with Excel.

EANCOM is an EDI standard developed by GS1.

EDIFACT is an international EDI standard that has been adopted by organisations wishing to trade on a global context.

IDoc is a SAP file format for business transaction data transfers.

Tradacoms is an EDI format commonly used by business in the UK.

XML is a markup language commonly used as a format for electronic trading messages.

VDA is an EDI format used by the German Automotive Industry Association.

OAGIS is an XML Interoperability standard and data model provided by the Open Access Group.



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