Econix InfoTech

There is an easy way to level up your trading & distribution business. This way is to use the most trusted and efficient ERP software designed and developed by Econix Infotech.

We understand that businesses across the globe are staring at the competition in a big way. Also, with the exports expected to rise phenomenally in the coming years, it is imperative that business, especially those in the trading & distribution sector, to come up with excellence in all their dealings. It is, therefore, not surprising to see more and more companies looking up to ERP software and enterprise technology of Econix Infotech to provide them with tools that can be used effectively to make them a hot favorite in the market.

For those engaged in the trading business, our tools and solutions are just perfect for bringing in sophisticated operations into the system. What our solutions succeed in doing is to bring in synchronized departments, better outcomes, increased profits, and improved decisions.

In choosing to partner with Econix, our trading & distribution partner can look forward to the following:

Monitoring of Resources in Real-time

Customized Notifications

Automated Operations

Workflow Management

Accurate Reports & Analysis


Application Integration

Sales Management

Supply Chain Management