Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

The Customer Service module of Microsoft Dynamics 365 empowers businesses to deliver self-assisted and end-to-end onsite services across channels. You can build relationships with your customers by focusing on their optimum satisfaction through highly effective apps. The feature-rich module provides tools that you can use for managing the services you offer to your customers. The Customer Service app, built on the Common Data Service platform, is a model-driven application. This means that you can create as well as manage the model-driven apps with the help of Power Apps.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service – Applications

• Tracking of customer issues
• Recording of all interactions with a customer
• Sharing of information within the knowledge base
• Creating queues and routing cases to appropriate channels
• Creating and tracking of service levels by way of service level agreements
• Defining service terms in line with entitlements
• Managing performance and productivity from dashboards through reports
• Creating and scheduling services

Finally, it allows you to serve your customers from anywhere and through any device.

Two Flavors of Dynamics 365 Customer Service Module

The first one is the Customer Service Hub App, a case and knowledge management application. This app, built on the Unified Interface framework, employs responsive web design principles for providing optimal viewing as well as interaction experience.

The second one is the Customer Service app. It is created for legacy web clients.

Setting Up Customer Service Hub/Customer Service app

You can set up the flavor of your choice with the help of the Service Manager Guide. It helps you to organize everything required for customer services such as outlining parent-child case hierarchy, routing rule sets, creating queues, rules for creating cases automatically, service level agreements, customer service schedule, and entitlements. If you have already installed a portal solution, then you should turn off the option “Read-only in mobile” for the Case entity when creating a case in Customer Service Hub or using the Merge cases command.

What Is New In Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

The February 2020 update enables you to understand a device’s current state, its repair history, and the effect of completed work orders. The Connected Customer Service add-in shows up device readings in near real-time and historical sensor measurements in chart form along with work order details.

• Connected Customer Service (IoT plus Customer Service) – Connected Customer Service is helpful in developing a proactive as well as predictive service model; It fully integrates IoT device updates, IoT diagnostics, and case management
• Agent productivity enhancement by providing access to knowledge articles
• Case resolution page configuration capability
• Customer Service Team Member Application if you have Team Member license
• Customer Service Hub Application is added by default
• Enhancements to case routing rules
• Enhancements to the queue page
• State-of-the-art email experience for agents
• License enforcement
• Service Scheduling comes with a new work hour calendar
• Rich text notes as well as keyword search capability in the timeline
• Unified Interface Support for Site entity
• Enhancements to service level agreements
• Ability to automatically create as well as update records

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Hub

This is a focused interactive interface that simplifies your daily management activities by showing you all the vital information on one screen. This makes it easier for you to focus on key activities. In fact, it empowers your agents in working faster and smarter by providing them with a state-of-the-art interactive experience.

Some of the important features of the Unified Interface framework-based Customer Service Hub are:

• Seamless as well as highly intuitive user interface
• UI adaptivity and reflow across not only devices but also form factors
• It has been built with the accessibility aspect in mind

The app can be used on desktop browsers or on mobile devices for the purpose of managing cases and knowledge articles. Follow the steps given below for opening the Customer Service Hub:

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On Desktop Browsers

In the Common Data Service platform:

  • Click on Settings > Application > My Apps > Customer Service Hub

In Customer Service sitemap:

• Go to the app switcher
• Select Customer Service Hub

Mobile Devices

For accessing Customer Service Hub on mobile devices:

• Install the Customer Service mobile application on your device
• After completing the installation, go to the MyApps page
• Now, click on ‘Customer Service Hub’

The options for accessing Customer Service Hub on browsers or mobile devices are often made available only to those users that provide customer services, System Administrators, and/or System Customizers.

As the Customer Service Hub comes with everything needed for managing the customer service function and an enhanced sitemap, it is very easy to navigate the interface.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service App

The Customer Service app comes with a few key features to enhance customer satisfaction. They help you to achieve your organizational productivity goals by improving operational efficiency. The new features added to the latest release are:
• Advanced similarity rules which enable you to view all similar case suggestions; you can now resolve customer issues in minimal time
• Universal Resource Scheduling powers Service scheduling
• For knowledge management, relevance search is enabled
• Customer service admin settings are enhanced using Service Management

The Customer Service app comes with a multi-channel platform to help you provide a great post-sale customer engagement experience. It blends sales tools to allow customers to find answers to queries quickly with their web-enabled devices. Customers access and find out information through the self-service- as well as the collaboration-enabled portal. This brings you’re your support costs, enhances customer satisfaction, and boosts brand loyalty. Furthermore, the portal engages customers through their preferred means of support by means of a searchable knowledgebase, automated live chat, and discussion forums. Additionally, it provides you feedback by way of comments, polls, and ratings.

Finally, the power of the Customer Service app can be augmented with AI through ‘Customer Insights’ and ‘Customer Service Insights’. As Customer Insights allow you to unify customer data and understand their behavior, you will be in a better position to take intelligent actions. On the other hand, Customer Service Insights enable you to enhance your customers’ self-service experience by addressing emerging trends, customer interactions, and virtual agent transcripts.