Econix InfoTech

Econix InfoTech enables businesses, consulting firms, law firms, contracting companies to effectively deploy Microsoft SharePoint to collaborate and work with others, organize projects and teams, and discover people and information.

Document management systems like Microsoft SharePoint assists organizations to be more efficient, increase productivity by controlling the life cycle of documents.

DMS from Econix InfoTech Offers

Dynamic and secure collaboration on documents – Internal and External
  • Easy Document Sharing-You can share documents with both internal and external users from various devices. All users logged on the same SharePoint site can collaborate on the shared documents securely.
  • Real-time collaboration-You can collaborate with your colleagues on Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations in real time. All edits apply to a single document, which prevents you from document replication.
  • Document version management-With SharePoint, you can follow document versions and track all the changes made in a document, as well as view and restore previous document versions when needed.
  • Content approval-It is a method by which site members who have approver permissions control the publication of content along with content approval.
  • Secure work with sensitive data-Owing to built-in data loss prevention features, the system will alert you if you create or share a document containing sensitive data, thus preventing you from exposing it.

Single storage for enterprise documents

  • Document storing and structuring-SharePoint helps you arrange multiple documents into a clear system of folders and lists. This allows you to find and reuse the documents you need at any moment.
  • Support for various file types-The platform not only supports the most common file types (.docx, .pdf, .pptx, .zip, etc.), but also works with rare file extensions, such as .odt, .ods, .xslb, .ppsx and more. As a SharePoint Online and Office 365 subscriber, you will get the opportunity to collaborate on 270+ content types, including 3D models.
  • Multilingual support-If your company works in different parts of the world or collaborates with customers in different languages (English, French, Spanish, etc.), SharePoint will allow you to manage multilingual content and documents nicely.

24/7 document availability

  • Access to documents from different devices-Using SharePoint for document management you can handle files from your PC, tablet or smartphone equally well. Mobile versions of your DMS can support the entire array of desktop features.
  • Offline access to documents-You can keep working on documents even if there is no internet connection. Using OneDrive storage, you can create and edit documents offline. All changes get synchronized automatically to SharePoint when you are online again.

Easy document discovery

  • Rich document metadata-Each document located in SharePoint gets multiple attributes, which allows creating comprehensive document profiles, as well as ensures smooth searching and filtering.
  • Pervasive search-When in SharePoint, you can find documents via Google-like search queries. You can refine and modify search parameters through metadata to get precise results.
  • Long-term document archiving-SharePoint can be your reliable document archive. All the valuable documents will be securely stored in document repositories until you need them.

Create a Document Management System (DMS) with Added Value

Econix InfoTech rather than just implementing core document management features, put efforts into extending your solution’s feature set to make it more capable, user-friendly, secure and compliant. To achieve that, we offer:

  • Collaborative document management-We couple document management features with collaboration capabilities of SharePoint and Office 365 to ensure productive teamwork regardless of members’ physical location.
  • External document management-We enable your partners and customers to access your document management system to centralize internal and external document flows and make document processing secure.
  • Document workflows-We activate document workflows to ensure correct and effective document circulation across the enterprise.
  • Regulatory compliance-Ensuring relevant security controls within your document management system, we help you stay compliant with industry standards and ensure safe management of sensitive content.
  • Collaborative document management-We couple document management features with collaboration capabilities of SharePoint and Office 365 to ensure productive teamwork regardless of members’ physical location.

Choose the Service You are Looking For

As a Microsoft partner, Econix InfoTech provides the entire spectrum of SharePoint services. We can assist you in handling the following challenges:

  • Developing a fully-functional SharePoint document management system from scratch-This includes planning and architecting your on-premises or cloud system in line with the internal business processes and employees’ needs.
  • Designing and implementing document management features into your SharePoint or Office 365 solution-If you have been using SharePoint or Office 365 as your social collaboration platform or as an HR management tool, we can always enrich your solution with document management features and make them available across the entire enterprise.
  • Customizing your existing SharePoint document management system-As your organization grows and new document management challenges arise, you may need to customize your existing solution to align it with the changed business conditions. And we are here to help you!
  • Migrating your document management solution:
  •              From a third-party document management system to SharePoint– We ensure a smooth migration from Alfresco, Box, OpenText, IBM Connections, Dropbox, M-Files or any other platform-based or custom solution to SharePoint 2013, 2016, SharePoint Online or Office 365.
  •            From an on-premises deployment to the cloud-We can assist you in your cloud movement to adapt your on-premises document management features to the cloud specifics.