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Zetadocs suite designed to enlarge Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, which can help you to manage travel expenses, automate emailing of documents for instance: invoices, statements, quick and easy document capture, storage and retrieval. As you know that filing and retrieving, paper documents are very slow process. Paper based filling system can also slow down the approval process if in case someone in the office went away from the office for couple of days and no one has the capability to access that document for the approval so it can delayed the approval process. Documents can be lost completely or misfiled. Zetadocs is the quick solution for all those problems.

Document Management and Expense Management with Zetadocs

Document management designed for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and NAV. Zetadocs can used for sales order processing, electronic invoicing, proof of delivery tracking, expense management, supplier invoice processing, invoice approval etc.

Zetadocs Automated Documents Delivery

All types of financial reports, including customer invoices and statements can converted into PDF format and delivered in batches by email directly from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV. Flexible Delivery rules can overwrite the contact details in Business Central or NAV on a specific document. For example, quotes might sent to different customer contact than invoices, extra contact can added as additional recipients. From email address for each document can also set so that replies can received to a different shared mailbox.

Zetadocs Delivery Features

  • Delivery documents in batches that satisfy customers’ delivery preferences
  • Schedule batches automatically to be sent as background tasks
  • Consolidate multiple documents within a batch for the same recipient so they can receive only one email
  • Add attachments automatically such as terms and conditions or other supporting documents.
  • Automatically file copies in SharePoint or network folders
  • Send documents and view archived copies without leaving Microsoft Dynamics using Zetadocs seamless integration
  • Implement quickly and easily as Zetadocs is installed on the Dynamics server and no client software is required
  • Add additional email recipients or set the From address using delivery rules

Zetadocs Capture

Zetadocs automated document capture can dragged and dropped documents such as emails, PDFs and images directly onto records in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV. Each document will be securely stored in an electronic archive and linked to its transaction for easily access directly from Microsoft Dynamics. Zetadocs uses a central electronic archive to separate the inefficiencies caused by documents, which can spread across different systems and locations in both paper and electronic form. That central electronic archive might be on a SharePoint server, on a SharePoint Online or in network folders on your file server.

Zetadocs Capture Features

To search and sell the items you can scan the barcode or type in item name, item number or barcode number.

  • Drag & drop emails and files, and store electronically which links to Business Central or NAV
  • Capture documents using the web client or mobile app on devices
  • Batch process emails, files and scanned documents using multi-user document queues
  • Configure metadata for better indexing and filtering of documents in SharePoint
  • Configurable folder structure to reflect your work processes
  • Automate filing of documents, splitting batches using barcode recognition
  • Customize to meet your individuals requirements

Econix is equisys partner for Zetadocs, which is add on solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV. For more required information, Please contact us to know more about Zetadocs delivery, capture, share or setup details etc.