Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 -Business Central

If you’re looking for ways to take your business to the next level, then consider implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This top-notch enterprise solution is what your business needs to simplify a lot of things and stay competitive in your field. In choosing this solution, you’ll no longer need to rely on Solomon, Quick Books, GP, NAV, and other solutions. The best part about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as a solution is that it streamlines all your business processes. Be it operations, sales, service, or financials, this solution will help you with all of that and more. What’s more, with this ERP solution at your disposal, you can grow or scale up your business as per the needs and requirements. Currently, this wonder solution is available in different deployment modes – On-premise and Online.

Dynamics 365 Business Central ‘Essential’

In this licensing model, there are many modules available to you, including Financial Management, Supply Chain Management, Project Management, Customer Relationship Management, Warehouse Management, and Human Resources Management.

Dynamics 365 Business Central ‘Premium’

In this licensing model, manufacturing modules and ‘Essential’ plus service management modules are available to users. Also, depending on user subscriptions, users are classified into two categories – ‘full users’ and ‘additional users’.

Users have the freedom of choosing the license type based on the features they would like to have in their solution. While Full users are licensed with Premium licenses or Business Central Essential, Additional users, on the other hand, have to opt for Business Central ‘Team Member’ license. An important notice – those who opt for On-Premise license, cannot use both these user types as a mix. You can feel free to get in touch with us at


1. Improved Project Management

Features like timesheets are extremely valuable for creating, managing, and tracking various customer projects. What’s more, using the solutions’ reporting capabilities and improved job costing features, you can easily stay within your budget all through the project duration.

2. Hassle-Free Financial Management

With this solution working at your fingertips, you can easily make data available across different verticals, like sales, inventory, purchasing, accounting, and customer relations. This will enable you to get a holistic view of your business and even analyze the overall performance easily.

3. Customizability

The customizable features of the solution enable customers to save big on time and money. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, users can transfer customizations from older to newer versions.

4. Supply Chain Optimization & Automation

It is easy to forecast stock replenishments by using in-built intelligence insights. This solution is also excellent for maintaining inventory levels by calculating reorder points, lead time, and stock levels.

5. Data Security & GDPR Compliance

Automatic encryption from Microsoft is available to you to protect unauthorized access of your data. Furthermore, access to your data will be restricted or granted on different levels. In a way, this feature also enables audit trails.

6. Easy Information Availability

The solution is designed such that users can create self-serve reports easily and instantly. What’s more, you can keep other users informed through easy-to-share reports, like order status, sales, inventory, and key performance indicators (KPIs).

7. Seamless Customer Relationship Management

This solution is perfect for boosting relationships with customers across various levels. From acting quickly on sales-related queries and payment processing to managing service requests, this solution handles all this and more.

8. Integration with Microsoft Products

Be it PowerApps, Office 365, Power BI, or Microsoft Flow, this solution can be integrated with any other Microsoft product seamlessly. You can even store them in CDs for later use.

9. Better Handling of Operations

You can use sales forecasts for generating production plans automatically. This way it is easy to create purchase orders and estimate stock-outs. In all, it is possible to get a birds-eye view of inventory to enable order fulfillment and tracking efficiently.

Using Dynamics 365 Business Central for Microsoft Solution

SMEs can use a newly designed ERP app, a cloud-based one, called Dynamics 365 Business Central. This app has got everything covered for you for managing your business process in the back-end.

With this solution, it becomes easier for you to meet the rising expectations of customers and get improved visibility through proper connection between marketing, sales, customer service, and distribution systems. To put in simple words, Dynamics 365 Business Central will help ease

  • Production floor management
  • Customizations in delivery alternatives
  • Quick introduction of newer products

There are two editions of Business Central – Essential and Premium. The former will cost you $70 per user, per month. Under this license, the user will get access to different features, like opportunity management, invoicing, finance, budgets, purchasing, added inventory, fixed assets, distribution, simple inventory, workflow, resource management, contact management, and purchasing order management. The latter will cost you $100 per user, per month. In this license type, users will get accessibility to all the above features as well as the functionality of manufacturing and service management.

Given below are some of the features available to licensees of Business Central’s manufacturing module:

  • Agile manufacturing
  • Production orders
  • ATP and CTP
  • Capacity planning
  • Version management
  • Finite loading
  • Basic supply planning
  • Machine centers
  • Demand forecasting

Some of the add-ons features available include:

  • 3PL warehouses integration
  • Data Masons EDI
  • 3rd party integration with managed transportation or transportation management systems
  • E-commerce platform integration with B2B and B2C commerce

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Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP is designed to simplify and streamline business processes across your entire organization to help you gain better control, increase your margins, and drive profitable growth. Econix is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP partner and having a skilled and qualified consulting team to configure Business Central, upgrade Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP, or to support your already implemented Dynamics 365 Business Central environment.

Dynamics NAV ERP is now Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP. Comprehensive functionality makes it easy to adapt and connect with solutions from independent software vendors (ISVs), other line-of-business applications, and the Microsoft® technology that you already use in your organization.

Are you looking to move from Quick Books, NAV, GP, Solomon or another ERP solution, to a robust & modern ERP; or considering implementation of a world class enterprise solution? Dynamics 365 Business Central is the way to go. An all-in-one ERP business management solution that helps you connect your financials, sales, service, and operations to streamline business processes, improve customer interactions, and make better decisions. Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP solution is a flexible, adaptable and scalable, growing and expanding with the needs of the business. Dynamics 365 Business Central is available both Online and On-premise deployment mode, tailored to the needs of businesses.

Dynamics 365 Business Central is available both Online and On-premise deployment mode, tailored to the needs of businesses and have three types of licenses:

  • Essential
  • Premium
  • Team

Dynamics 365 Business Central 'Essential'

Financial Management, Customer Relationship Management, Project Management, Supply Chain Management, Human Resources Management, Warehouse Management modules are available in this licensing model.

Dynamics 365 Business Central ‘Premium’

‘Essential’ plus service management and manufacturing modules are available in this licensing model. The primary licensing is by named user subscription. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 user subscriptions classify users into two types, ‘full users’ and ‘additional users’.
Full users are licensed with Business Central Essential or Premium licenses, whereas Additional users are licenses with Business Central ‘Team Member’ license. *Important to notice with Dynamics 365 Business Central On-premise licensing is that customers cannot use a mix of these two user types. You must choose what level of features you need and all full users must use the same license type. For more details contact us at

Please note: This is indicative price only. For exact pricing and licensing please consult with econix account manager or contact us at

How is Business Central a Game-changer for Your Organization?

Boost Customer Relationship Management

Prioritize sales leads based on revenue potential. Accelerate the quote to cash process. Act quickly on sales-related inquiries, manage service requests, and process payments—all.

Seamless Project Management

Create, manage, and track customer projects using timesheets and stay with the budget along with advanced job costing and reporting capabilities.

Data Security & GDPR Compliance

Protect your data from unauthorized access with Microsoft’s automatic encryption. Grant and restrict access to personal data on multiple levels and enable audit trails.


Dynamics 365 Business Central allows customers to take customizations from older versions to new versions, saving time and money.

Integration with Microsoft Products

Seamlessly integrated with other MS Apps like Office 365, PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, and Power BI as all of them use CDS to store information.

Better Financial Management

Connect data across sales, accounting, purchasing, inventory and customer relations to get a holistic view of the business. Analysis your financial performance in real.

Optimize & Automate Supply Chain

Use in-built intelligence insights to forecast stock replenishments. Maintain inventory levels by automatically calculating stock levels, lead time and reorder points to avoid lost.

Optimize & Manage your Operations

Auto generation of production plans using sales forecasts and expected stock-outs and create purchase orders. Holistic view of inventory for efficient order fulfillment and track.

Intelligence at your Fingertips

Keep people informed with easy-to-share reports including key performance indicators (KPIs), inventory, sales, and order status. Empower the users to create self-serve reports.

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